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Your body is living in the past and your spirit lives in the future. In yoga they come together in the present.

Welcome to Yoga Delft
Yoga gezondheidscentrum Delft offers various yoga and meditation classes in a small, cozy studio in the heart of Delft. The varied offer includes hatha yoga (Iyoga) Hatha yoga with props: blankets, chairs, bloks, bolsters, belts, ropes wall, kundalini yoga (spirtual yoga), Tibetan meditaion, workshops! There are both day and evening classes, click the top page of: cost&schedule . Regularly, you can also enjoy a interesting workshop . The lessons are taught in groups of up to 10 people, so personal attention is guaranteed.

Why yoga and meditation?
First: it is pleasant to do. Yoga makes the body more flexible, stronger and healthier your breathing. In both yoga and meditation takes your attention and concentration. You learn signals of body and mind to notice.
In addition, everyday life intensive. Many people are often ‘in the head’ and thereby become tense. Muscles become sore and stiff, the less deep breath, and mind restless. Yoga and meditation can help to restore balance. Both help to focus on the here and now, and your breathing and thinking sedate. Come along for a lesson, and experience what a class can do for you!

Introduction video please click this link: Yoga Delft



Lange Geer 62, 2611 PW Delft

René Janssen