Anne Middendorp

Physiotherapy & EerlijkBeter Yoga Health Centre Delft
My name is Anne Middendorp and I am EerlijkBeter holder at physiotherapy practice. As a physical therapist I find it very important that you listen to your body and good for your body.
Yoga is an excellent way to get in a healthy way with your body (and mind) to be busy. For this reason I work together with Yoga Health Centre Delft.

Despite that you healthy moves, there may be health problems arise sometimes. It is important that you take these complaints seriously, so you can recover faster and easier. If you have a health complaint, search I love to work with you for a solution. That is why I am on Monday between 18: 15 and 18: 45 (make an appointment: 0628270001) in the studio of Yoga Health Centre Delft speak free of charge and without obligation for a snack. Be free to put your questions to me!

Fysiotherapie EerlijkBeter
Good, honest and affordable physiotherapy.
EerlijkBeter believes in freedom of choice, customization and result. In order to achieve this we exclude no contracts with health insurance companies. This allows us to keep our rates low.
We believe that attention to fair care important. Quality by and care for quality. That makes all the difference.
At EerlijkBeter you will be charged € 20 for a treatment, because we believe that good physical therapy must be affordable. For more information, please visit www.fysio-eerlijkbeter.nl.

Website click link for more infoemation:

Physical therapy EerlijkBeter
Oosteinde 225 in Delft
T: 06 28270001
E: anne@fysio-eerlijkbeter.nl

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