Hatha Yoga Iyengar

René Janssen (Iyengar yoga teachertraining 3rd year)
(Owner Yoga gezondheidscentrum Delft)
René has been practicing Hatha yoga for years.
He is now studying Iyenga yoga, Hatha yoga has its origin in Iyengar yoga which is a yoga form that looks for a very accurate performance of yoga postures (alignment).
René worked in marketing design when he had a serious motorcycle accident. During his recovery he had a period of reflection and  decided to follow his heart and become a yoga teacher. He has his Hatha Yoga teacher diploma from Flims Yoga Studio in Alphen a/d Rijn.  He also specializes in chakra teachings, which he incorporates into his yoga classes.
His mission is to make yoga accessible to everyone and to continue developing in life, philosophy and practice of yoga.

Aart Spruyt (Iyengar yoga teachertraining 3th year)

In addition to a study in Delft and various functions in biotechnology (Gist-Brocades and DSM), Aart has been interested in yoga and philosophy throughout his entire life.
About 15 years ago, he started to be serious about yoga. First, he completed a yoga course at Osmose in The Hague. He travelled frequently to India where he came across various styles of yoga. Now he is in the third year of  teacher training of the Iyengar Yoga Association Netherlands.
His aim is to transfer the benefits of yoga to others and to continue to develop his own practice of yoga.

Hervé Passelande (Iyengar yoga teachertraining 2th year)

Mon nom est Hervé Passelande, j’ai 43 ans .
J’ai eu le temps d’essayer pas mal de choses en matière de gain de focus , de relaxation, et de developpement de la paix interieur.
Pour la partie spiritual ma pratique du bouhdisme pendant ses onze dernières années fut essential, mais celà ne me semblais pas complet , c’est pourquoi j’ai commencé la pratique du Iyengar yoga depuis 4 ans pour developer mon mental et ma souplesse physique.
C’est une meilleur comprehension et utilisation de leurs corps ,(pour éviter les douleurs du dos en particulier) que je veux développer chez mes élèves et se avec l’aide de cordes ,de coussins, etc.
Je suis actuellement un cours de 3 années pour devenir un professeur de Iyengar yoga .


My name is Hervé Passelande . I’m 43 years old
I have time to try a lots of things in regards focus gain , relaxation and growing my inner peace.
For the spiritual part eleven years of bouhdist practice helpt but it didn’t feel complet, that’s why I started the Iyengar yoga for the last 4 years to develop focus thought and fexibility .
It is a beter understanding and use of them body, ( to avoid back pain in particular)that I want my student to experience with the use of ropes and divers means of supports .
I’am now following a 3 years study to become a Iyengar yoga teacher


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