Theme: Sthira and Sukha

What does a workshop like?
10:00 am
: We start the day with two hours of asanas. Because of the greater amount of time (twice as a normal lesson) we extended series of postures gain sthira and Skha.

Sthira, can mean “firm, compact, strong, steadfast, static, resolute, and courageous”; etymologically it arises from the root stha, which means “to stand, to be firm, to take a stand.”

The yoga term sukha means “happy, good, joyful, delightful, easy, agreeable, gentle, mild, and virtuous.” The literal meaning is “good space,” from the root words su (good) and kha (space).

12.00 pm: we enjoy a cup of tea and dates or other delicacy.

12:15 pm: The the last three quarters of yoga workshop we dedicate to pranayama (breathing exercises) to prosecute then relax and re-energize the day.

Iyoga weekendworkshop van 3 uur
23 februari        10.00 uur – 13.00 uur
20 april                10.00 uur – 13.00 uur
22 juni                  10.00 uur – 13.00 uur
07 september  10.00 uur – 13.00 uur
23 november   10.00 uur – 13.00 uur
Per workshop €35. Studenten €25

What is an asana ?
An asana is translated as “attitude .”
The word is derived from the Sanskrit root “AS” which means stay – sit – or remain in a certain way.
Patanjali Yoga Sutra describes the two main qualities of an asana namely .


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